Flowers in the Garden

In honour of Mother’s Day today I thought I’d post some pictures of my mom’s favourite flowers, Bleeding Hearts and Lily of the Valley. These are not flowers that would normally be presented as cut flowers in a bouquet. Rather they grow very well in the ground in our climate and so happen to be blossoming at this time of year, on this day when we celebrate motherhood.

I planted these flowers in my garden because I knew them to be my mom’s favourites as they remind her of her mother, my grandmother, who grew them in her garden. My mother has very fond memories, as do I, of my grandmother’s beautiful garden. She really had a green thumb that one.

With this post I send out a warm virtual hug not only to my friends out there who are mothers, but also to all those who are trying to conceive and to those who wish they had.

Do these kinds of flowers also grow where you live?
xo loulou