Art Gallery Visit and What I Wore

On Friday evening I was treated to a visit to the art gallery to see a special exhibit of Picasso’s works, which is currently touring around the world, because it’s original home, The Musee National Picasso in Paris, is being renovated. So rather than store all the incredible art they decided to show the pieces around the world. I’m a huge fan of his work and was so excited to get to see it. I had seen this collection before in Paris once, but that was a long time ago.

My friend Meghan is a member of the gallery so she brought me to a special showing that was open to only members and their guests, which meant that there was plenty of space around each work of art so we could really have a good look. Even though I’ve just seen it only 2 days ago, I feel like I could see it all over again, there is so much complexity and depth to the art, not to mention the sheer volume. Picasso worked tirelessly from his teen-age years right into his 90s.

While I love the man’s art I do have to say that there is one thing about him that bugs me. This was his penchant to go for woman who were so very much younger than he. I’m okay with an age different between men and women, but with him we’re talking extremes. In the case of Francoise Gilot, the mother of two of his children, the age difference was 40 years! That just seems really creepy to me.

As for what I decided to wear, I had to consider that I would be walking to and from the gallery and throughout the exhibit, so I knew I needed to wear flat comfortable shoes, and the best walking shoes I have just really don’t go with a skirt or a dress. So, I decided to wear some jeans and make the outfit more special by adding some lace and my lovely new heart-shaped necklace that I recently won from artist and blogger, Mary Hone. Thanks again Mary!


Another reason I was excited about this outing was that I would have the opportunity to see the Art Gallery of Ontario after it’s recent renovation. The most stunning change for me was this whole front part that they’ve added. With the sun coming through as it was it looked really pretty in there. It also makes the building look cool from the outside, except that they’ve installed a garish very large sign that looks like a cheap billboard. I hope that part is temporary, but it has the name of an important donor on it, so I imagine the sign was part and parcel of the donation. At least they put it to the west of the building when most people would be approaching from the east, but still, not pretty, right?!