What’ll it Be … A House or a Car?

We were out for a walk the other day. Full disclosure, we were going to the grocery-store-that-is-further-away-from-home because they were having a great deal on coffee beans. Yes, we go the extra mile to save some bucks. It’s a double win … some exercise gained and some extra cash in the wallet.

When we neared the store, with Nick quite a way ahead of me as I was stopping here and there and taking pictures, I passed this car. The girl sitting nearby on the bench laughed as I stopped short, Laurel and Hardy-like, and stepped back. Was that what I thought it was? Yes, yes it was. A car worth the cost of a house, sitting in the parking lot … a Lamborghini.

Currently the average selling price for a whole house with a yard and multiple bedrooms in Toronto was $568k, with the country’s average being $376k (these are Canadian dollars which are approximately the same as US$). This car costs in the hundreds of thousands, like $200k to $450k range. Apparently each one is completely handmade. To put it in perspective with another expensive car, a Porsche will set you back $75k to $200k. It’s hard to wrap your head around, when most cars cost about $25k.

The girl on the bench and I struck up a fun conversation. Her: “Would you like me to move so you can get a better picture?” Me: “Oh no, it’s okay … Is this your car?” Her: “Yeah, I wish!” Then she offered to take a picture for me so that I could be in it. I declined but thanked her and went on my merry way.

While we were nabbing the well priced coffee beans I asked Nick if he’d seen it. He hadn’t noticed, so on the way back we stopped and had another look. It was the week of the fancy cars because two days later I spotted this Porsche. At about half the price of the Lamborghini, it’s a real deal.

Question: If money was no object, what kind of car would you buy? Would you even buy a car at all?

Nick and I are semi car people. After going a long time without one at all, (13+ years), we only just bought our first car together a year ago in March, because Nick needed it for work. We got a 2012 Mustang and our intention is to take very good care of it and have it for a long time. We keep it in the garage during the bad winter months of winter. So yes, we rented a car to go visit my parents recently while ours was cozy in the garage!

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