Flowers in the Garden

bleeding heart 01

lily of the valley

In honour of Mother's Day today I thought I'd post some pictures of my mom's favourite flowers, Bleeding Hearts and Lily of the Valley. These are not flowers that would normally be presented as cut flowers in a bouquet. Rather they grow very well in the ground in our climate and so happen to be blossoming at this time of year, on this day when we celebrate motherhood.

I planted these flowers in my garden because I knew them to be my mom's favourites as they remind her of her mother, my grandmother, who grew them in her garden. My mother has very fond memories, as do I, of my grandmother's beautiful garden. She really had a green thumb that one.

With this post I send out a warm virtual hug not only to my friends out there who are mothers, but also to all those who are trying to conceive and to those who wish they had.

bleeding heart 02

lily of the valley 02

lilly of the valley 03

Do these kinds of flowers also grow where you live?
xo loulou


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16 Responses to Flowers in the Garden

  1. Mary Hone says:

    Those are beautiful photos. My mom loves Lily of the Valley too. They smell awesome.

  2. Vix says:

    What gorgeous photos. I spent yesterday in the garden and was thrilled to discover a clump of Lily of The Valley in bloom, such delicate little flowers. x

    • Loulou says:

      Thanks Vix! Oh you have them in England too .. they are so delicate the the scent of them is so beautiful. I was in an aroma nirvana as I took these shots, as I had no choice but to crush a few in order to get in closely enough, and the sweet beautiful smell surrounded me.

  3. Lisa says:

    Oh Louise, these photos are beautiful! I didn’t know they were your mom’s favorites, or that our Grandmere grew them too :) Thanks for jogging my memory of her and her garden this morning, so precious…xoxox

    • Loulou says:

      Hi Lisa <3 My favourite part of Memere's garden was the peas she grew. I have a very fond memory of being given my own little brown paper bag of them, fresh from the garden, which I sat and ate raw, all alone on the back porch. (I must have been about 4 and coming from a family of lots of children, I don't have many memories of being alone, so this one stuck, as did my love for raw freshly shelled peas)

  4. Laura says:

    I love those photos! Flowers make me so happy! I no longer have a favourite flower because every week I bring home a new flower and love it just as much as the ones from the week before.

  5. Zelde says:

    We used to have an enormous bleeding hear in our tiny courtyard . It flowered beautifully but unfortunately took up all the space so it had to go.i still regret it sometimes but then I have a suspicion that it is still alive and will take the space over again as soon as i stop cutting it back completely ever few weeks.that bush is tough.

    • Loulou says:

      I have noticed huge ones in other people’s yards, but not mine. It has been there for almost 10 years and is still very tiny. I guess you have the exact environment that it loves!

  6. Zelde says:

    In that case I recommend lots of shade and heavy soil. Most rhythms don’t do too well but that bush thrived.

  7. Joanne Choi says:

    These flowers are beautiful! My mom loves orchids :)


    • Loulou says:

      Oh orchids are so beautiful. I almost bought one the other day, to try my hand at growing them, but they seem complicated. Which makes them extra special!

  8. Tiffanie says:

    Lovely photos! My mother’s favorite, favorite flower is lily-of-the-valley! Every Christmas I get her something vintage with a lily-of-the-valley on it. We used them on boutineers at our wedding. They are precious, and I think they are not native here, because they cost a fortune at the flower mart!

    • Loulou says:

      What a wonderful tradition Tiffanie. They pretty well grow wild here. An interesting aspect about blogging is you get to see what grows in different climates around the world!

      I was just telling my husband about your great success with the wool pieces being used to make a bird’s nest.

  9. Mariette gratton says:

    Quelles Belles Fleurs! Memere would be proud of your flower garden! Thanks for posting them!

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