Eddie Likes the New Watering Can

After years of using a crappy plastic watering can that had a crack in it and dripped water everywhere, we decided it was time for a new one. We went for this one. Not only is it my favourite colour but it is designed so it’s easy to use and easy on the wrist, and it’s guaranteed for 20 years! All in all, I am happy with the new can.

We quickly discovered that someone else in the family also loves it. It turns out that Eddie knows a good watering can when he sees one, and it now is the first thing he heads for when he goes outside. Why? Because it has water in it that he can drink.

Having been a street cat before he adopted us, he became accustomed to finding water for himself. When we give him water inside, we can be quite certain that he won’t touch a drop of it until it gets old and stale. No, this boycat does not like fresh water. It has to mellow for him first. And the best kind of water for him is that which has mellowed in the great outdoors. The new watering can is an excellent receptacle for perfectly ripened water.

[Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. There are two sets of pictures here, one taken before the deck was stained and one taken after!]

Here’s wishing you a Happy Caturday =↑..↑=