Food Friday : Sammy and the Lettuce Leaves

When Nick heard that my lettuce plants had grown enough so that I could now harvest our first leaves, he made a celebratory loaf of whole-wheat-seed-bread so we could have sandwiches for lunch!

To back up a bit, I have been growing herbs every summer for a long time, but last year I decided to try out one type of vegetable as well. I went for spicy scotch bonnet peppers and the endeavor was a flop, in that I only got one tiny pepper in the fall, after all the diligence of caring for the plant all summer. So this year I skipped the peppers and decided to try my gardening hand at lettuces instead, and am happy to report that the results are much more successful! I planted three types, all in the same large pot, with some garlic chives in the middle – Romain, Leaf and Red Sails.

Nick used his new “Breadman” Bread-maker. He used to make bread by hand but decided to spend some of his Christmas money on a bread-making machine this year. After researching brands he decided to go with this one, and he is very happy with it. So far we’ve had many varieties of bread, but the one he made for the sandwiches is probably my favourite. Seedwise (What, not a word?) it contains poppy, 2 types of sesame, flax, sunflower and pumpkin.

In addition to the lettuce, the sandwiches were made with cucumber, tomato, provolone cheese, yellow mustard and olive oil mayonnaise, and served with garlic dill pickles on the side. They were excellent!

(By the way, around here we call sandwiches “sammies”, hence the title, but you probably figured that out!)

Here’s to Friday. It looks lovely out today. Hope you have fun, whatever you get up to.
xo loulou