Eddie Outside!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted some photos of our cat Eddie, and he’s thinking maybe you miss him! Ha :)

Here he is playing outdoors today. He’s very happy about this early spring weather, as he really does not like snow. He gets mad at us when there is snow on the ground, as though we had something to do with it being out there. In the winter we go so far as to shovel a pathway on the deck for him. A bit spoiled, yes.

Last year, this same little patch of crocuses blossomed on April 11th, so they’re a whole month early this year. Love it!

Speaking of this type of flower, I have real crocus-envy over this field of them that my blog friend Marielle had the chance to see! Check out her photos at her blog Magical Day Dream

Hope you had a splendid week-end.
xo loulou and Eddie too =↑..↑=