Much Love Monday : A Sign and Pictures of Pigeons

Hello! Thanks for dropping over. Today I’m hooking up with the other lovely bloggers who participate in ‘Much Love Mondays’ over at Anna’s blog.

My picture(s) were actually an accidental entry into the “Photo with a Heart” theme. These were taken for a post I did last week about a trip to a ribbon store. In taking some pictures of the window and the store name, I inadvertently got a heart in there!

Oh how I love going out with my camera and taking lots of pictures, and then getting them home and seeing what I have. Uploading a camera full of shots is one of life’s pleasures, right?!

My story about love features an elderly woman, a sweet neighbour who I’ve talked to many times, who I now know agrees with the above sentiment. Assisted by her cane, and walking slowly with her little white dog, she takes her exercise around my home pretty well every day.

One afternoon last week, I happened to look out my window and saw her out there. As I watched, she tossed a bunch of breadcrumbs up into the air and onto the ground around her. A large group of pigeons were happy to take her food, and as they flocked madly around her, she began snapping pictures of them. The look on her face was that of pure joy.

In all the times we have talked, the topic of photography had never come up, and I’d never seen her out with her camera before. The whole scene was quite a pleasant surprise. A sight to behold.

And here are some pictures I took of some pigeons yesterday.

Wishing you a week that is full of pleasant surprises!
xo loulou

[Edit: Links to Much Love Monday have been removed because the site is no longer active.]