Food Friday : Making Mocha Coffee

It’s easy to make your own delicious Mocha Coffee at home!

Ingredients: (for two generous servings)
2 tablespoon pure cocoa (this is the unsweetened kind used in baking)
2 tablespoons sugar
1 cup milk (low fat works fine but avoid skim)
1 1/4 cup (or so) brewed coffee
1/2 cup water

Method: Put your coffee on to brew. In a saucepan, make a chocolate syrup by bringing 1/2 cup of water, cocoa and sugar to a boil. Boil rapidly for 1 minute then remove from heat and stir in milk and coffee. Pour into your cups and top with milk foam if desired, (as I did in the photos).

Here’s a photo of a milk frothing tool we have, called a Cappuccino Creamer by Frabosk (here), which does an awesome job of making lovely creamy milk foam, even from low fat milk. You heat the milk first in a measuring cup in the microwave oven and then you put it in the stainless steel cup, then pump the handle up and down for about 1/2 a minute and it’s done. This specialty item is well-made and if a bit pricey. But since we use it everyday it was worth the money. However if you want a very low cost solution to making milk foam at home, I previously demonstrated how to do this using a simple jar … see my link at the end of this post for that!

I was curious so I compared the nutritional facts between the same amount of this home-made version and that of the Non fat Caffe Mocha (with no whipped cream) from Starbucks. You get the same amount of the good stuff: Calcium (in the milk), iron and fibre (in the cocoa), but for a same sized serving, you get 58 less calories (175 vs 232), as a result of less sugar in the homemade version. Might not seem like a lot, but that’s a whole egg you can have, getting plenty of extra protein to fuel your day!

But making mocha coffee at home versus going out for it is really more about the convenience and the fact that you can fill your home with an intense aroma of chocolate first thing in the morning! Not to mention the $2 you can drop into your piggy bank every day … over a year that adds to $730, plenty for a fun long week-end away somewhere nice!

This wraps up my series on making special coffee drinks at home. Click these links to see how to make:
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Thanks for looking and happy brewing!

xo loulou