Sending Thanks : DIY Thank You Card

I’d like to show you the Thank You card I made for my sweet parents-in-law, who live a very long way away from us. At Christmas I received a nice gift from them and wanted to thank them with something beyond a verbal message over the phone, or an e-mail. Being a lover of stationary I appreciate any opportunity to send some snail mail, and in this case I wanted my heart-felt message to be delivered via something I made with my own hands.

Of course people are busy and making a card by hand is not always possible, so there are many beautiful store-bought greeting cards available, as well as lovely selections handmade by others, available on Etsy. Or you can do as I did … use some pre-made elements and combine them with your own handy-work.

I stitched my message freehand on some card stock and made a flower using die cut pieces I got at the craft store. Then I applied these things to some polka-dotted pre-folded card-stock I already had using two-sided tape. My original intention was to use the card the right way, and stick the pieces onto the polka-dotted side, but finding this a bit ‘busy’ I used the plain back of the card to be my front. This way, there’s a little extra bit of goodness to the finished card, in the brightly coloured polka-dotted backside!

Regardless of whether you purchase a card or make one, the important thing is to actually get it into the mail! So on that note I’m off to the post office to get some stamps.

xo loulou