Bits and Pieces : December 2011

Here are a some random photos I took during the month of December that didn’t really fit into any other post.

(1) We really like these licorice candies which only seem to be available around Christmas time. We’re not the only ones who go for them though, because I went back to the shop to get a second tin to squirrel away for later, and they were completely sold out.

(2) Some large pine cones that I’ve had since I was at university. During the summer Nick had tossed them into the compost pile not realizing I was saving them, but I rescued them! They had gotten wet and were all closed up, looking just like cigars. They took at least 2 weeks to dry out and puff up again.

(3) I love this cute wreath I spotted in the neighbourhood. It heralds someone cheerful living in that house.

(4) Miniature coloured marshmallows I used to some baking, bought in Kensington Market.

(5) Packing stuff away again. I actually didn’t decorate much this year so clean-up was fairly easy. We didn’t even put up a tree because we weren’t sure of our plans. Some years we put one up and others not.

(6) The CN Tower decked out in Christmas colours

(7) Although neither of us is a particular wine connoisseur, we like doing wine tastings with bottles we select from the vintages section of the liquor store (in Ontario, all alcoholic beverages are sold in government run liquor stores called LCBO, except beer, which is only sold in government beer stores.) On this particular evening we enjoyed a bottle of Cantina Barolo 2006, along with a piece of home-made pizza Nick made … Artichoke, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, onions, and zucchini.

(8) This is the service entry for one of Toronto’s first Water Works buildings, an art deco building erected in 1931 on Richmond Street West. While it is a historic building, it’s really not much to look at, so I only shot this door because I liked the colours!

(9) The guys playing a bit of Xbox

Thank you very much for taking a look. I love reading blogs so if we haven’t yet, please leave me a link to yours (if you have one) in the comments as I’d love to pop on over!

xo loulou