What I Wore out for Dinner With Friends

Last week, on a hot Tuesday evening, I met a couple of my girlfriends for dinner. And while I had my camera with me, I didn’t snap any shots of the outing. You know how sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be the right moment to take pictures? It was one of those nights! But I can describe the scene to you … we met at 7 and it was still bright and beautiful out so we ate outside, in a booth on the back patio at a spot called Shanghai Cowgirl. This place is somewhat ‘punk-rock’ and a black outfit would have fit in better, but (for once) I didn’t feel like wearing black! All in all, a very fun evening spent catching up with friends I adore.

My dress is a new one that I picked up in a little mall connected to the subway station near my doctor’s office, when I went for my physical a couple of weeks ago. My first ‘real’ job after university was in a building on the same corner, which is why my doctor is located up there. She is so good that I never looked for a doctor closer to my downtown home(s) once I left that job many moons ago! Anyway, I don’t mind making the trek to her office because of that small mall! It has a number of tiny independent boutiques in it that I like to have a look in. I thought this little elastic shirred bodice dress would be perfect for the imaginary beach vacation that I am planning in my head, so I picked one up in my first (and typical) choice of a classic black and white colour scheme. Then, after shopping in a couple of other stores, I went back and got this multi-coloured one too. I was actually thinking of my on-line friend Vix when I did because I really like all the colours she wears.

And while the dress, as is, will be perfect as a beach cover-up, for city-wear I added a piece of lace tied in a bow to give it a bit more definition.

I accessorized with these three bracelets I bought as a teen at an outdoor stand on Yonge Street, which would be considered Toronto’s main street, and is the longest street in the world, because the same street travels a very long way out of the city to the north. The bracelets are plastic springs and being quite fragile (there was a fourth one that broke right away) I hardly ever wore them. I found them recently when going through some old boxes, inside a jewellery box packed with a bunch of my other teenager things. How fun to go through that old stuff!

The shoes are ‘new’ vintage, that I bought in Paris. And the purse is one of my favourites … it is a vintage patent leather, trimmed in white leather clutch, that I got on ebay. After receiving it and loving it so much I wrote to the vendor to tell them how happy I was and got the story behind it. It had belonged to the stylish aunt of the man who was helping her go through her things before downsizing to an assisted living space. Kind of sad, but he was happy to be able to tell his aunt how delighted I was with her old purse!

My amethyst ring is one that I bought at a beach stand once. Umm … Who had ‘beach’ on the brain today, I wonder?!

Happy Tuesday and thanks for taking a look. As always, I appreciate your visit :)