Loving Lately : The Small Joys of Summer

(1) Laundry dried outside! We rarely use our clothes dryer and rather hang things to dry year round, however, it’s such a pleasure to get this done outside so the rack is not something to be squeezed around.

(2 & 3) Evening drinks out on the patio. Nick and I have the best talks around this outdoor table, where plans are made and memories laughed over. It’s always nice when we are joined by our special guest.

(4) Speaking of this special guest, these two enjoying warm weather camaraderie is always treasured. I just wish every once in a while that Ed would chose me to sit on. Sad face.

(5) A lovely annual Fuschia plant ready to give us a second flush of blooms. I thought it was all done flowering, but then noticed new little buds forming!

(6) Nick setting an outdoor table with my newly thrifted plates. I love bringing new vintage treasures into our kitchen, putting them in the cupboards and then waiting to see how he chooses to use the different pieces when serving our meals.

(7) Reading a good book in the most comfortable chair in the house! I am giving serious thought to how I might get this inside for the winter. But no, it would never fit through the door. I’m not the biggest fan of having to share this chair though.

(8) Cute postage! I was happy to meet a friendly clerk at my local post office who appreciates the beauty of nice postage stamps. He actually overheard me discussing my desire for some nice stamps instead of a boring printed tape, with another employee, and came right over declaring “I will help with that!”. Turns out his sister is also a big fan so he knew why it mattered to me.

(9) Nick and my first apartment together was just down the street from this old building. It had looked quite run down and I was worried it would be demolished (like this beauty was in the spring. Click to see pictures of the actual demolition in progress). But instead of tearing it down, I was delighted to see that they are leaving the walls up and completely rebuilding the inside instead. The treatment is similar to that used in this recent renovation.

(10) Shortly after our home was built in the 80s, someone had the foresight to plant three flowering bushes along the side. There is a Forsythia, which is the first thing to bloom in the spring, with the most cheerful of bright yellow blossoms. Then in early summer, the second, a beautiful Lilac bursts into colour! Thirdly, this Hybiscus blooms … and blooms … and blooms! It must have had a thousand flowers this year, and is still going strong. Amazing. What makes these three bushes extra special is that throughout the years nobody pruned them, so these glorious, well-timed floral shows are all viewed from our favourite window, which is two stories up! Yes, these bushes are now brilliant flowering tall trees. My thanks go to that long-ago gardener. I’m sure they had no idea that close to three decades later someone would be singing their praises for such thoughtful planting!

With all these things to love right now I can’t leave this post here though, as I do have one complaint. It is the fact that a neighbour a few houses over doesn’t realize how very allergic I am to ragweed and has let his flourish as though he means it to be there! Oh my goodness, the sneezing and watery eyes. It’s driving me nuts! Should I go over an ask him to cut it down?

What are your simple joys of summer or things you are loving lately? Do tell! Have you posted a picture that has a heart in it lately. I’d love to see it.

Thank you for dropping by! Wishing you the best of Mondays and a great week ahead.
xo loulou

ps. I didn’t originally intend for this post to include so many pictures of our cat!