Eddie Gets Ready for Halloween

For this week’s Caturday post Eddie gets into the Halloween vibe. It’s true that boycat loves holidays in general; whenever he senses changes in normal routine, he gets very curious and interested.

And so it was that I didn’t even have to invite him into the little fall-inspired photo-booth I set up for him and the scarecrow. I got the area ready and while gathering my camera and tripod, he just settled himself right in! In fact, he hung out and napped on the blanket all week long.

As for the cat-grass photos, there was no need to encourage him to dig-in there! He loves grass so was excited to get a brand new plant to enjoy. Now that the natural grass in the yard is no longer edible we will be providing him with such plants that we purchase fresh where we buy his food. (If you’re in Toronto, we go to Helmutt’s at 865 Queen Street West, just south east of Trinity-Bellwoods park.)

After taking the pictures outdoors I moved the plant inside, where it was partaken in as a snack during the photo-session featuring Eddie’s Festive and Fancy Neck Decoration (DIY  here).

Thank you for dropping by. Wishing you a happy Caturday! xo loulou