Eddie is a Crate Guy … oops, I mean a Great Guy

While I am taking a computer break this week, Eddie was not so keen on missing his turn on the blog! He so loves to visit with his on-line pals, and really appreciates how you all seem to love him. I’m pretty certain he loves you too, but there is a language barrier and I don’t always understand exactly what he is saying.

He is really not one of those hidey-cats and is usually within our view, most often lounging in the cat-bed I made for him (posted about here).

Even when people come over he is right there checking to see who is here. My sister and I had a laugh recently when she came over. We were chatting at the bottom of the stairs when all of a sudden a little cat head peeked around the corner from the top of the stairs.

Anyway, the other day, Nick and I were asking one another if we had seen Gat. (One of his many nicknames). Neither of us had. It didn’t take us long to find him though, and here are some pictures of the search.

This old milk-crate had found a temporary home on the landing, as we were moving some in our storage area. Somebody thought it was really cool.

Happy Caturday. I hope things are going well with you and your pets and people.