Baby Squirrels

I know I’ve shown quite a few squirrel pictures over the summer, but I can’t resist showing you these two little cuties. They would have been born this summer so are still babies (maybe the equivalent of toddlers?) and are so fun to watch.

To give you a better idea of their size, an adult was out there too, and these guys (gals?) were about half the size.

I do realize though, that not everyone thinks squirrels are cute, especially if they are nesting in your roof, but ours have never caused us any problems, so I am a fan of having them around the yard. That said, I was a bit worried that they might find the tulip and crocus bulbs I planted, because apparently they will eat them, but here we are a few days out after planting, and so far so good!

Thanks for dropping over :)

(This is a post I scheduled before taking a short break from the computer.)