Saturday is Caturday! Ed’s New Favourite Spot

We love our cat Eddie enough that we would surely buy a cute bed just for him. Well actually I should back up. We have bought a cute cat-bed just for him, but he only slept in it for about a month and then, for some inexplicable reason, it just wasn’t good any more. It was washable so we gave it a bath. But still no go.

Since then we have learned his pattern. He is a serial favourite-spot-finder. He will decide he likes a certain spot, be it a cardboard box left over from shopping, a certain blanket placed just so, a basket that’s barely big enough to sit in. At one place where I was working, the sweet Office Manager used to save the top cardboard tray shaped lids from the photocopy-paper boxes for him, which I would regularly bring home on the subway and streetcar.

And during the period that his chosen place is still good, according to some mysterious checklist of attributes known only to him, he will be found in this spot 99.5% of the time that he is in the house and not eating, playing, or sitting on Nick.

When whatever happens to the particular place that deems it no longer good, he begins a restless wander for a couple of days, until he finds a new one. It is quite clear to us when he needs a new spot so we suggest places to him, by putting him in a fresh place he might like. He will immediately jump out, and then later, be found in that very place, as though it was his idea all along. This new place will be good for a while and then the whole process will repeat. Simply washing or changing the blanket does not do the trick.

However, now I may have found a perfect solution for his wanderlust in search of resting spot utopia. A couple of months ago, I picked up a new kitty-litter tray (don’t tell him that’s what it is!), and put a blanket in it. I showed it to him and he really liked it. I have regularly changed the blanket and he still chooses it for his place. We have set a record for length of time that he likes his spot!

And an added feature of this kitty-tray bed is that we can easily pick it up and move him around. While the sun is shining through the front window, we will set it there. Later in the evening if we’re sitting in the living room, we just carry him on over for some family time!

Here’s wishing you a happy week-end. Thank you for your visit.

xo Loulou (and Eddie)