Bits and Pieces : November 2011

I always seem to end the month with a batch of photographs that are lone-wolves which don’t warrant a whole post on their own. So I am planning to begin doing a Bits and Pieces set, on the last Sunday of every month.

That being said, here are some miscellaneous shots taken in November.

(1) Pine cones on a Blue Spruce Tree
(2) Sales centre for a new condo building, Adelaide Street and Peter Street
(3) City scape, showing the building of Toronto’s Shangri-La Hotel, set to open in 2012. Will be 65 stories high, with the hotel occupying the first 17 floors and condos making up the rest. Being built by Asia Pacific’s leading luxury hotel group.
(4) Original architecture on Adelaide Street West, estimated to have been built in the early 1900s
(5) Street art tucked into a lane-way between buildings on Adelaide Street West, just west of Spadina, north side
(6) Redpath Sugar building on Toronto’s waterfront, east side of the city. Built in the late 1950s and still functioning today. On some days the whole area smells amazingly of cooking sugar!
(7) Get your haircut at Corrado’s, a charmingly all-original vintage barber shop! Apparently still owned by the original barber, Corrado Accaputo, who has been cutting hair and shaving men for more than 50 years. Cuts used to cost 75 cents. See a good story about him here.
(8) Moon in the daytime beside the CN Tower
(9) This owl in a window at Richmond and Bathurst is apparently a deterrent to pigeons who would love to sit on that sill
(10) Pigeons bathing in a puddle

Thank you very much for taking a look. Hope you had a delightful week-end and are in for a great week to come.

xo loulou