Drugstore Beauty Department Finds


A few posts back I mentioned that our local drugstore, Shoppers Drug Mart, was having a ‘spend your points’ event in their Beauty Department. This is where people who collect points at Shoppers could redeem some and get a higher return, if they used them to get cosmetics or fragrances. So, during that particular weekend you could get more free stuff than usual! Since I usually save the points that we earn by buying many of our everyday items at this store, I went over to have a wee shopping spree.

I had a little list of products I was interested in trying out, but that list kind of went out the window when I saw that they had some Chanel Number 5 Perfumed Dusting Powder in stock.

I love the smell of Chanel Number 5 and have previously used my Shoppers points to buy the Eau de Cologne. This time, I wanted the powder! Have you ever tried a perfumed body powder? They are quite lovely, especially during the summer.




That used up $72 of the $90 worth of goods I could get with my points, so I was left with a little for a few cosmetic items.

First, I picked up some cream concealer to replace a tube I’d recently finished. It’s one that I hadn’t tried before, Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I got the light shade.

It does the job and leaves a nice finish, so I’m happy with it.


Next, I wanted some neutral eye shadow. I have lots of coloured and gray shadows, but not much in the way of beigy-brown neutrals. After seeing them used to make beautiful not-too-dark smokey-eye looks on the Vlogs, I wanted to try them out myself. So I got the Maybelline Expert Wear Pallet in Natural Smokes. The sticker says it’s a new colour combination. I find the guideline provided, for what goes where, to be very handy and really liked the look I got when I tried it out.



Finally, also influenced by the Beauty Vlogs, I wanted to try out some Primer, that is meant to be worn under foundation.

If you too have not tried using primer, it is pretty neat stuff that improves the way your foundation wears, making it look good for longer.

The Rimmel Lasting Finish that I got is comfortable to wear and really gives my skin a nice smooth finish.

It can also be worn alone, and so far that’s mainly how I’ve used it. I really like it!


As I mentioned, I had a list of some other make-up things I’d like to try, but didn’t get during this shopping trip, so it might not be too long until I have another Beauty Department Haul post up. Hopefully I’ll have some brighter colours for you in that post, than I do in this rather uncolourful one!

Thanks for checking out my blog,
xo loulou