Halloween Around the Neighbourhood


I took these pictures while out on a walk on Sunday afternoon. Since there aren’t that many children in our area, it seems that most of the decorating was done for the benefit of adults.

I used to have a scarecrow but Nick tossed it when he was cleaning the garage a couple of years ago. I just asked him about it and he said it was a dumb thing to have to store all year long just for a few days. But then he said that it was broken so he threw it out.

It was pretty big and unwieldy and in hindsight, perhaps a tad ugly, so I really don’t miss it much.

And since we have been dimming our lights on Halloween night for the past few years, after several years of waiting around for the few kids who did make an appearance on our doorstep, it doesn’t really make much sense to have a scarecrow out in your yard, does it? Well, of course, unless you have some crows that need scaring.











Nick also has his eye on my bins of vintage Christmas decorations, but he would never. But just to be sure, I winnowed that collection down a box last year, and got him to promise the rest will be spared.

Happy Halloween to you if you celebrate it.
xo loulou