An Evening out with Isabel : The Royal Conservatory Concert Season Launch


I realize it’s only been a few weeks since I posted (here) about The Royal Occasion event hosted at Koerner Hall by The Royal Conservatory of Music, but hey, I was there again on Tuesday after my friend Isabel, who works at the conservatory, invited me to the launch party for their 2016-2017 Concert Season, so here’s another post about this beautiful venue.

The evening began with a presentation inside the hall, where we were told about all the exciting concerts scheduled for the next year. Between the talking, we were treated to some wonderful performances, including a piano piece played by prodigy Rosina Grieco, a jazz trio led by saxophonist Allison Au, a song enchantingly performed by Jaffa Road, and a couple of opera pieces by soprano Monica Whicher and pianist Rachel Andrist.

Tickets for the many shows on the roster will be sold beginning on June 17th for members of the conservatory, and then for anyone beginning on June 24th. You can see the complete listing on their website.



To quote writer Robert Harris for The Globe and Mail, in this article, “Royal Conservatory of Music’s new season [will be] an embarrassment of riches.”

Unlike the challenging to photograph candle-lit environment at the Royal Occasion, this event was held while there was still some sunlight, so you can get a better look at the foyer at Koerner Hall. The glass enclosure is situated a story above ground so you’re right amoungst the treetops.


Isabel and I got a glass of wine and headed outdoors to the terrace …



↑ Looking at the eastern side of the Royal Ontario Museum next door. ↑


A funny thing happened as I was getting dressed … I was all ready to go out the door when I put on the new jacket I’d chosen to wear, to find that the store-clerk had forgotten to remove that big plastic magnetic tag thing from it. So, I had to change my whole outfit really quickly!

Once the crowds around the food tables thinned out, we went back in to enjoy some food. There were generous platters of middle-eastern style hors d’eouvres set out, laden with delicious tid-bids.





↑ Once again, their florist nailed it. ↑

Before heading home, we popped over to Isabel’s office, located in the old part of the building.


Last autumn, I showed you this gorgeous historic building (in this post), after I went on a spooky tour there. It is said to be haunted so Issy was giving tours at Hallowe’en.



I believe hers to be a dream job — she gets to do something interesting, that is related to her university degree in Music, and all her colleagues that I’ve met are very nice, plus she gets to work within these gorgeous walls. She’s a fortunate lady for that. And I am fortunate to call her a friend.


Thank you very much for checking out my blog. I hope you have a great weekend!
xo loulou