Eddie Blanket Boy

Eddie relaxing on some blankets. The plaid one has been in Nick’s life forever and probably covered him as a newborn, as he was born in the middle of a snowstorm that was so bad that the electricity went out at the hospital, so he came into being under the lights provided by an emergency generator.

We think the scratch on his nose came about during an altercation with a couple of (gorgeous) black cats we’ve seen around the neighbourhood recently. They must have just moved in nearby and territories are still being staked. Seems like things among them have calmed down now, because I found Eddie and one of them on the deck just sitting about 5 feet apart the other day. But as soon as Ed saw me, he became all edgy big-tailed, as though his job was to protect me from this visitor. But there was no actual fight and Eddie came right inside to have his dinner.

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