Do You Mean Tomorrow, Tomorrow?

When Nick called up the stairs to me yesterday, saying that he was going to invite his buddy over for lunch tomorrow (which was today), my immediate instinct was one of reluctance. My feeling was that it was much too short notice. But he thought otherwise, reminding me that we already had the spinach lasagna prepared and we could augment it with a green salad, and garlic bread. Dessert was also already done too, in the form of some squares I had made on the week-end.

And, of course, Nick was right. Now that the lunch is over, and we had a great time filled with interesting conversation spanning a wide range of topics, and a delicious bottle of Bordeaux, Chateau Timberlay 2009, that our friend brought over, I realize that pre-planning had not been necessary at all.

[Aside: Did you know that a bordeaux is named that because it is made in the Bordeaux region of France, like a real champagne, must hail from Champagne? I didn’t know that, but have now been educated!]

This whole experience has caused me to recognize a short-coming in myself, that is a lack of spontaneity. I never just suddenly decide to do something on short notice. Drop-in visits have always made me feel uneasy. I even ask Nick to let me know at least an hour before when we’re simply planning a little walk to the market. Basically, I am an extreme plan-ahead kind of girl.

This way of thinking is a problem, and I know I miss out because of it. Nick is quite the opposite. He suddenly decides to go out and is ready to leave in 5 minutes! My goal is to become more like that, and I am adding this to the top of my list of 2012 resolutions.

So here’s to a nice lunch with a friend on a random Tuesday afternoon, and the mindset to do it at the drop of a hat!

Have you begun to think about your resolutions for 2012? Do you plan everything ahead like me or do you go with the flow?

xo loulou