Much Love Monday : Candy Hearts and Birds in a Tree

With this post I am participating in Much Love Monday over at the blog Much Love. The guidelines are that you post a picture that includes a heart, and a description of something you love.

My photo is not particularly original, given the time of year, however I wanted to work on taking close-ups with my new camera. Plus, I really hadn’t tasted one of these love heart candies since I was a kid and used to get them at the skating rink, which was the only candy counter I can remember ever having them. So when I saw these I bought some, curious to see how they tasted. The ones I used to love as a child were actually called ‘Love Tarts’ and they were a bit sour and sweet at the same time. These were not the same thing, and I have to say that, while being pretty, I don’t think they taste very good!

I had a laugh when I had them out and Nick walked by. Without missing a beat, or actually reading any of the hearts, he said “I wrote that .. and I wrote that”. Funny guy <3 As for the story part of my entry, it features a bun, (as in a bread roll). During the week I noticed that a squirrel (presumably) had left a whole one tucked securely in the crook of a tree that I could see from my window. I often see squirrels about the yard carrying pieces of bagels and cake, trying to find good spots to hide them for later. In this particular situation, they had hidden their treasure quite well, because, while it was in plain sight to me, it remained in the crook of that tree for several days. Nobody had discovered the bun ... yet.It is gone now though, and I had the good fortune of seeing exactly what happened to it. As I was working at my computer yesterday, a ray of sunshine broke through the clouds that have darkened the sky for the past few days. So I stood up to have a stretch and take a look out the window. There, safe in the tree was the bun, but literally 10 seconds after I looked out, a flock of beautiful speckled black birds landed in the tree en masse, and found the bread. There must have been at least 30 birds flying all together. Their pecking at the food knocked it onto the ground where they each tried to help themselves to a bite. Some walked away with large pieces in clutched in their yellow beaks, and others were not so lucky. After the food had all been partaken in, whatever method of communication they use that keeps them together told them that it was time to move along, and in unison they all took wing and flew away. The whole exchange took less than a minute and I loved being able to see it happen.As for the squirrel that lost his loot, I think he may be coming upon a pile of discarded love heart candies in the near future.Thanks for reading. Please consider dropping over to Anna's blog to see her Much Love Monday entry, and those of the others who have linked up. Maybe you'll do an entry of your own, and if you do, I'd love to see it![Edit: Links to Much Love Monday have been removed because the site is no longer active.]xoloulou