Handmade Birthday Card : Coloured Embroidery on Black


This handmade card was inspired by a black t-shirt I once had, that had some brightly coloured embroidered flowers around the collar. The embroidered flowers are called Lazy Daisies, and appear to almost glow against the black background!

Here’s what you need to make one:
– A black card base, either handmade or store bought and an envelope. I got mine pre-made from Michael’s Craft Store.
– A black label — these are meant to be written on with chalk and used to identify jars. I got them at Michael’s too.
– A piece of card-stock that matches the inside of your card.
– A white gel pen.
– Some brightly coloured embroidery thread.
– Something to poke holes in the card. I have an awl but a tack would work too.
– Two sided tape, a needle, a needle threader (optional) and some scissors.


How to make one:

(1) Using the gel pen write your message on the label.


(2) Poke holes in the front of the card in the patterns shown below, leaving room for the label (wait until after you embroider the flowers to actually stick the label in, to keep it fresh and clean while you work). Each flower will take 11 holes. Use a crafting mat or cardboard behind it when you poke, to save your table.




(3) Embroider a “Lazy Daisy” into the holes with a French knot in the centre. This is an easy embroidery technique, good for beginners. There are instructions online, including on this page.


(4) Stick the label on.


(5) Trim the extra card-stock to fit inside the card and stick it down to hide the back of the stitches. (I have a handy tool that cuts rounded corners, but that’s not necessary.)



(6) And you’re done!



Thank you for checking out my card making tutorial!

I hope you have a great weekend.
xo loulou