Bits and Pieces : May 2013

Hello. Here are the shots that I’ve taken during the previous month that I liked but that didn’t find a home within any other post.











( 1) A pink African Violet. I grabbed this little plant from the deep-discount section at the grocery store. It had no flowers on it at the time, which is probably why it was on sale for a mere 75 cents. But I was curious to know what colour the flowers would be so I brought her home. Within a few days she revealed pink buds which quickly opened into flowers. Then went on to flower cheerfully for a good three weeks. I already have a white one and a purple one, so Pinky here adds nicely to my plant table.

( 2) Glass Buildings. Here’s a shot I took at the corner of King Street and University Avenue. I used to work on this corner at one of my very first big-girl jobs, however the building I was in was behind me when I took the picture. If you like glass skyscrapers this is a very beautiful corner of the city.

( 3) Self portrait in a three-way mirror. Yes, I brought my camera into the washroom for this picture! It looks like it could be two pictures side-by-side but it is only one shot. My challenge was moving the sides of the mirror so that my camera would be hidden when I got the picture. There were quite a few out-takes from this particular photo session.

( 4) Man on Bike. This man used to ride an electric scooter around the neighbourhood but I see he has changed to a pedal bike now.

( 5) Hosta Unfurling. This is the only surviving hosta in my garden. It’s a big one that reliably shows up every year. While I like to take photos of things that grow in my garden, I only show you the successes and let me assure you there have been many fails. Such as all the other types of hostas I have planted over the years. We have a lot of shade and this type of plant is supposed to do well in shade, but this is the only one that agreed with that premise. Nowadays, I rarely plant anything new into the garden and just let what has survived, without any extra watering except during really dry spells, come up. Because really, planting things that will not survive is just like planting money into the ground, and I am just too frugal for that action! Instead I stick to planting an herb garden, and a few vegetables and annual flowers in pots, where I can much better control their growing conditions. That said, I did transplant my potted Thyme plant right into the ground last fall, and surprisingly it is now growing. It’s not great, but it did survive the winter. Oh oh, there I got talking too much about plants!

( 6) Bentley. I spotted this Bentley parked down the street the other day. I believe it is only the second one I’ve ever been able to take a good look at (without getting too close and sounding any alarms!), the other being this much older but perfectly kept one I saw last summer. This car looked to be brand new and was quite beautiful, but at a price tag of about $200,000 it should be, right?

( 7) Fallen Petals. Here are some flowers from our Forsythia tree that have fallen onto the bench Nick found once. This has to have been our best sidewalk pick-up find ever! See some other finds and read the story about this bench here.

( 8) Food Truck. There are not many food trucks around town, as there is some type of law that only hot-dog carts are allowed, which can be found all over. I think it’s because it’s easier to keep hot-dogs safe to eat, while out there on the street. That said, I did see this truck that sold burgers down by city hall, if you’re hungry.

( 9 and 10) Ok, this massive Chestnut tree in flower nearly got it’s own post, as I think it’s quite spectacular and I did take quite a number of pictures of it. I was just taken aback by it’s gnarly beauty. I have included two shots of it here so you can see its crest. All that is just one tree. I can’t say how old it is, but it must be quite ancient because a good 7 years ago a Chestnut tree randomly began growing in our yard. A nut must have been brought over by a visiting squirrel. Anyway, I left it where it sprouted and while it seems to be doing just fine, in all these years of growing, it’s still only about 3 feet tall. This one is ten times that.

Thank you very much for dropping over. Hope you’re having a great Monday.
xo loulou