Out to a Show : Patrizia at The Mod Club

Patrizia Niall Mellors mod club Toronto Rock Opera

On Friday night we went to a cool show in which our friend and drummer, Niall Mellors, was playing with a singer called Patrizia. It was held at The Mod Club and was something very different and interesting.

Patrizia is an accomplished 4-octive soprano singer, whose mission it is to “make classical music more mainstream and rid it of its elitist status by mixing it with other genres and updating it to relate to everyday people.” She sings beautifully and opera-like while being backed by a really rocking band, including our friend on drums.


drums-bass-keys-patrizia mod club toronto

Not only was this show a treat for the ears, it was also quite amazing to watch. Joining her usual band, was a four-piece string section, plus a wonderful aerialist, Katelyn McCulloch of No Parachute Theatre, performing on silk ribbons suspended from the ceiling of the venue. Also there was a stunning pole-dance done by Ontario champion, Kiran Friesen.

I have always loved acrobatics of any kind, so was totally enthralled by this added bonus. In fact, I can’t recall ever actually seeing Silks or Pole-Dancing performed in person, except at Cirque du Soleil, but there I was far away. It was great to see these dances done from such a close vantage point and both were extraordinary and quite thrilling to watch.


silks-performer-patrizia-Katelyn McCulloch


pole-dancer-Kiran Friesen patrizia

pole-dancer Kiran Friesen patrizia-01

I laughed when I looked at these pictures of Nick at the bar (in the blue checked shirt), which I took in very close succession. I didn’t notice that fast moving man at the time!



Here’s a dark pixilated one of me at the venue.


After it was over we felt like all we could say was wow, and good for Niall for becoming involved with this excellent show that suits his style perfectly.

Here’s what I wore on this rainy and humid evening.



[Blouse: Zac & Rachel. It came with the black camisole underneath. Jeans: One 5 One. Bracelet and purse: Vintage from ebay. Nail polish: Big Apple Red by Sally Hansen New Lengths]

It was a weekend filled with being entertained by talented friends, because the next night we went out again, so see a comedy show starring another friend. I’ll have a post up about that one soon.

Thanks for dropping by.
xo loulou