A Friend’s Birthday Bash and What I Wore

On Saturday night we headed east on the Queen Street Streetcar, to go to my friend Annette and her (brand new!) husband Glenn’s place, to celebrate her birthday. The party began with drinks and snacks in their backyard, and then the whole gang moved to a theatre to see a show called the Lunacy Cabaret, which as the title says was a cabaret. I have only ever seen one cabaret before so didn’t quite know what to expect, but Annette and Glenn go to this one all the time and really like it. We found it to be very entertaining, with the acrobat, hoop twirler, balloon dancer and fire girl being my particular favourite parts.

I wanted to wear my new swingy skirt, so my outfit began with that. I went shopping last week and found two nice skirts. Ok, they’re both black so I’m not making any inroads in my effort to not wear so much black, but I did also get two new tops, that are both black and white. Not stellar in the adding-more-colour category, but at least not solid black.

For this outfit I added some colour with a little polka-dotted sweater I’ve had for a while. I love the jewel-tones of the embroidered dots! Then, after trying on a couple of different black belts, I found this red one that I had forgotten I had. For jewellery I went with a vintage Avon fake turquoise bracelet. I was also wearing real turquoise earrings which were round and the exact same size as the dots on my top, but they didn’t show up in any of the outfit pictures. Also not pictured was my purse, which was this red Kenneth Cole one. That little bag sure got lots of complements, especially when I pulled my camera out of it!

I knew I’d be on my feet a lot so I wore my ‘tried and trusted’ low-heeled-but-still-fancy shoes. These are the oldest shoes I own that I still wear regularly. They have had the lifts replaced a couple times (that’s the little rubber part on the bottom of the heel), and are still going strong. It’s a good thing I wore them because after the show Nick and I decided to walk a very long block in order to take the all-night streetcar home. It was funny because when we thought about walking Nick said, “We can’t walk because you’re dressed up.” The poor guy is used to not being able to walk great distances when I’m wearing a skirt because most dress shoes are simply not good for trekking. But these ones were fine. He was impressed.

Of course, we could have taken a cab, but it would have cost about $40 each way, so by taking public transit we saved $70 (the cost of our tokens was $10). I’m a big fan of streetcars and of saving that kind of money. We’ll have a nice lunch out instead. Plus the Queen Street streetcar ride is an adventure unto itself, packed as it is with interesting people watching opportunities at 2 in the morning!

Here are a couple of collages of photos I took of the night, using my tiny Canon Powershot camera that fit in my small purse. I was working in low light, so they’re not the greatest. I think it’s time for me to replace this camera because I understand that the new models take really good pictures at low light. Hey, I could put my saved $70 toward that!

The birthday girl is the one who shows up twice …

All in all, it was a really fun night, with nice weather, good friends and great entertainment.
Thanks for dropping over!
xo loulou

Skirt: INC International Concepts, Sweater: Color Works, Shoes: Bata (the brand and the shop), Bracelet: Vintage Avon