A Fancy Dinner Out


A week ago Friday Nick came home from a walk with a nice surprise! On his way he had stopped by a restaurant that we have been wanting to try, and booked us a table for 7pm that evening. This was a so good to hear as we hadn’t been out to a ‘fancier’ restaurant since April, when my sweet parents treated us to a meal at our favourite place in their town.

Nick and I are rather simple folk when it comes to restaurants, most often dining at casual places when we go out. But we do very much like to get dressed up and go somewhere nice to celebrate special occasions. On this particular night there was no special occasion, so we told ourselves it was for our last anniversary (back in November!) when we couldn’t go out because I had badly sprained my ankle.

Anyway, the place we went last week is called ‘Beast’ and we actually had walked by it many times thinking that it would be heavy on the meat, with such a name. (We do eat some meat but not that much.) However we had recently stopped to take a look at the menu posted near the sidewalk, and saw that it wasn’t at all just about meat. The menu sounded scrumptious so we vowed to give it a try. And so Nick decided that sooner was better than later!

Beast features a ‘tasting menu’ filled with many choices of small plates, meant to be shared. They use locally sourced and sustainable ingredients whenever possible and the small details, like the subtle and unique seasoning in the sauces garnishing a plate was noteworthy.

We dined on a homemade pickle plate, a lovely salad with heirloom cherry tomatoes and the creamiest of cheeses, some crab cakes under a mountain of pea shoots, a bowl of delicious gnocchi, some strip loin of beef, and a serving of wonderful sticky pudding for dessert. To drink we had a bottle of Lotus 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Oh my goodness, just thinking about it now while I type is making me hungry. All of it was absolutely delicious and we look forward to a return visit!

Thanks for checking out my post.
xo loulou