Some Very Pretty Chocolates


I’ll begin by saying that I’ve gone back and forth, questioning myself about whether or not to do a post about this box of chocolates that Nick got me for our anniversary last week.

On the one hand, it is never my intention to show off here (unless I’m talking about a lucky find at the thrift store!), and there is no question that this box of Godiva Signature Truffles is a luxury.

On the other hand, this box of chocolates is so over-the-top that I thought you might like to see them.

So the ‘pro’ side won out and here they are. However I want it known that I don’t usually live this large, but I couldn’t really say no to a gift, now could I? (Not that I wanted to.)

He got them at the Godiva retail shop downtown, but I see that you can order them online at their site here.




These are some of the flavours included: Chocolate Lava Cake (the one with powdered sugar), Strawberry Creme Tart (the pink one with chocolate lines), Salted Caramel (the one with the yellow swirly line across it), Salted Almond (one of the nut topped ones, the other being Hazelnut Crunch), Birthday Cake (the pink one with white sprinkles, and Aztec Sprice (the one covered in powdered cocoa). The delectable list goes on, totaling 21 different flavours with some being repeated in the box of 36.

So far I’ve tried the Strawberry Creme Tart, and the Hazelnut Crunch.

And in order to show you the inside of one of them for this post, I had to take a nibble of the Creme Brulee one, described as ‘Layers of creamy vanilla ganache and dark chocolate ganache covered in a dark chocolate inner layer and white chocolate outer shell, sprinkled with caramelized sugar‘. Completely decadent and delicious.


Each piece is large so I’ve been using a little plate to eat them, so I can share them with Nick.

Oh, and I must add that he got me another gift too … an exercise game for our xbox kinect, which was one I asked for so was happy to receive. It’s quite amazing how well the technology works and we are both really enjoying exercising with this gaming system.

Thanks for taking a look. I hope you’re having a good Tuesday.
xo loulou