Did You Feed the Cat?

Though I gave away the purpose of this week’s Caturday post, you might have wondered what this stainless steel mod looking half circle is in the above photo. You could be saying to yourself, “Why, that looks like a bread box”. And you would be right … except that it’s not a bread-box in our home. Rather it’s a place to reign in the feeding habits of our kibble tossing feline friend, Eddie.

I don’t know about all cats, but ours is a pro at getting kibble all over the floor. It used to amaze me when I found one in his water bowl that was located a good 2 feet away from his food bowl!

Before our recent kitchen renovation we used to keep his bowls and water under a vintage table we used in place of an island. With the renovation, we had an actual island added to the kitchen and there no longer was a clear-cut place to feed Eddie. Enter the idea of a movable, cover-able feeding station, which took the form of a cool bread-box we found at a store called Canadian Tire.

It has worked out perfectly! Perhaps this offers you a solution of an attractive way to feed your small pet. =↑..↑=