Cooking in the new kitchen!

Here’s the first look at our new kitchen! I know that they say that kitchens should be bright with light colours, but as you see, we went with dark tones. We just prefer it dark and as un-country-kitchen as we could get it.

There are still a few finishing touches and the back-splash has to be put in (though we haven’t selected tiles for that yet, but will be choosing something light for that part. Probably cream or off-white.)

Anybahoo … we’re moving back in, and Nick was able to cook for the first time in it!

It’s been fun and interesting deciding on (and agreeing upon) what should go where. There have been several changings-of-mind about dishes versus food, etc. But I’m giving Nick the final say regarding organizing the stuff because, as you may or may not have noticed, he does the lion’s share of the cooking around here.

This week we moved all the stuff we had packed up and put into a storage unit back to the house, so there has been plenty of unpacking going on. When I look at these pictures I notice funny little things that are out-of-place, such as the paper weights in the kitchen counter!

Please believe me when I say that the little dot of tomato paste on Nick’s nose in that one picture was a complete accident. He had no idea it was there! <3