Out to a Show – Arms and Sleepers

During our live-stream show yesterday, an online-friend told us about a live performance happening in Toronto that night, by an artist that he had seen in his town a couple of weeks earlier. This guy lives across the world away from us, and it was interesting to have such a opportunity to reduce our degrees of separation through this touring artist. Our friend has great taste in music, so we freshened up and checked out his recommendation.

On the way over, Nick took this one quick picture. (He’s not very keen on standing in the street and taking photos, so I have to move fast and usually only get one or two shots to choose from.) At the moment that the shutter clicked, a howling cat fight broke out on the rooftop across the road. That’s why I’m looking over there!

The act was called “Arms and Sleepers”, an ambient electronic duo from Boston (though only one of them performed on this particular night). It was held at The Hard Luck Bar on Dundas Street, and featured a cool visual component.