Singing In The Rain

On Tuesday night I met my friend Meghan at The New Music Night at The Horseshoe Tavern. The Horseshoe is probably the oldest venue in Toronto that features live music, having opened in their current location at 370 Queen Street west in 1947. It’s a great place with a cool vintage feel, combined with up-to-date equipment and friendly staff.

For years, on Tuesdays, they’ve held a new band night, with no cover charge to get in and bands playing for free (exposure). The line-up is usually all over the map in regards to genre and you never know how busy the place will be, being held pretty late on a Tuesday night.

The band we were there to see were last up. They were called Singapore, and my friend had caught their show at another venue, earlier in the summer. She thought they were worth seeing/hearing again, so I joined her. And she was right … they were good! The singer had this really low “crooner-style” voice, resembling that of Nick Cave. A unique feature of the band was the three female back-up singers, introduced as The Singapore Singers, who accompanied with perfect harmonies. Oh how I love sweet harmonies!

Their set was a quick 5 songs long and for a big band of 7 people, lugging and setting up lots of gear for a 20 minute set, must have felt like a lot of hard work!

I knew in advance that they would be hitting the stage pretty late so didn’t arrive until almost 11, which is quite late to go out on a Tuesday night, but I’m glad I made the trek out.

Now, if it had been raining as heavily when I left the house, as it was on my way home, I might never have made it out the door! In fact, it appeared that rain was so unlikely when I headed out, that I didn’t even bring an umbrella. By the time I got home I was soaked. I had planned on getting some quick photos of what I wore to the show, but when I got home I was a mess and you didn’t want to see that!

So to illustrate this post, instead you get my wet silk blouse hanging to dry! I also wore my ‘new to me’ butterfly pendant, that I found in my mom’s jewellery box when visiting her last month. When I said I liked it, she insisted I have it. I don’t want to be just taking her things, so I’m calling it a loan.