A Happy Sunday : Reading Time

My mother loves to read so when I visit her I inevitably come home with some good books. This is one that I actually began reading while I was still at her place, because it looked so interesting. It’s called Secret Daughter, written by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. It’s her first novel and I’m really into it. It deals with the dramatic juxtaposition between life in India versus that in America, as seen through the eyes of a girl who was adopted by an American family from an Indian orphanage. This is a third-time hand-me-down of this excellent book, as my mother got it from my aunt.

This fine Sunday afternoon found me reading on the deck, while enjoying a nice cold beverage. Have you ever tried Sir Perry Pear Cider? I really like it. It’s too sweet for Nick, but I have always liked things a little sweeter than he does. Case in point … he loves Scotch. I cannot stand it! But I do like this hard-to-find scotch liqueur called Glayva, that I first tried when visiting Scotland. It’s like sweetened scotch. (I can’t show you a photo of it, because we have only ever found it in Toronto on two occasions, and well, it got all drunk up!) Back to the Sir Perry .. I often have it served in a champagne glass because it’s bubbly and actually tastes like sparkling wine, however the alcohol level is less than half. But today I use a regular glass because our kitchen is still a renovation disaster zone.

This floppy cotton hat is my ‘around the house’ hat. It is just too out-there to wear, well, out there. But it’s great to pull on and cover-up while at home, because of the big brim and the fact that it is soft and comfortable. It actually looks like it was hand-made. I got it at a sample/street sale a while ago, and it bears the label of Canadian clothing designer Marilyn Brooks.

About this bag of books I got from my mom … I’m a very slow (but consistent) reader so I expect this will last me a good long time. And there in the first picture, you can see the cute little book-marker that my mother bought me at The Farmers’ Market when I was visiting.

Hope you had a great Sunday and are in for an excellent week ahead!
xo loulou