Bells and Peaches

You might be asking yourself what bells and peaches have in common.

Let’s start with the peaches. Today we went to Kensington Market and bought the first peaches we had this year. They were grown very close to the city, in the Niagara Region of Ontario.

A great thing about the market is that the vendors pick their wares up directly from the food terminal every morning. This makes the produce the freshest it can possibly be, except if you were to eat it right on the farm! In the case of the peaches, the crate had just been cut open for shoppers to help themselves. No other hands had touched them, aside from the person who put them in the box, before we took what we wanted and placed them in our basket.

As for the bells … on the walk over to the market, we passed some sort of a banner thing that had been put out to the street (cleanly) for trash pick-up. I had seen some jingle bells hanging from it, and told myself that if it was still there when we walked back, and I had a free hand to carry it with, I would take it home, because I wanted the bells.

And so were the circumstances that I grabbed it on the way home.

Bells and peaches, and their common link? Why, they both entered our home at the same time. Well, actually, the peaches came into the house but the banner stayed outdoors, as … well, it did come from the garbage after-all, and I hadn’t taken any time to inspect it, so didn’t want to bring it inside. But you get the idea.

But wait, there is another thing these peaches and bells have in common.

They are the same size! Have you ever seen jungle bells this big before? I have not. Can’t wait to try them out as sound-effects for our on-line show, and to do something with them for Christmas decorating.

One might say that I have big brass bells ;)

Thanks for reading!