I See Faces

I see faces, albeit most of the time they are attached to humans or animals, but sometimes this happens …


The side table grins at me as I walk by. And reminds me where I left my hair tie.

So I decide to get dressed and go outside. I will wear a pair of new earrings my mother gave me. For some reason, they make me very cheerful to wear.


While out and about I am reminded that snow can be something to scream about, or something that elicits a smile.



And, damn it, you better not park there, lest you be left to deal with the alien lamp head.


So I drop my gaze to the ground, in order to avert my eyes from those that surround me. And the root of a tree gazes back.


Ahhhhhhhhh … must return to the safety of my home.

Perhaps a nice cold drink will help the situation. Two beers in and I’m happy to have the company of the water ring they leave behind. We laugh and chat together a bit.


I tell myself that this is only a simple rubber band. It wants nothing to do with me.


Time to eat.

Cereal is good.


As is some Greek Salad.


The poor potato is upset because his nose is so big. However the cute girl potato behind him doesn’t seem to mind at all. She only has eyes for him.


Salt and pepper are perfect with potatoes.


A late night bit of cheese and crackers doesn’t seem very appetizing for some strange reason. And it is usually my favourite snack.

candle-lit-cheese-and-crackers face

See this first ‘I See Faces’ post I did last year. That sad bathtub continues to tell me all of its sob stories, to this day.