It is Take Tuesday on the Rocks


Time for the second to last post of the Take Tuesday photography series, organized by Shakti Dove. This week’s prompt was Ice, and as Shakti pointed out, when I saw this one on the list for mid December, I was certain I would have some pretty snow drifts and icicles to show you by now. Not. We have barely had any snow yet. But that certainly doesn’t mean we won’t. Surely it is lurking to hit us with a bang later!




These pictures taken at the ice-rink in my favourite park (Trinity Bellwoods), were taken at noon on Saturday. That is a female player on the ice and as I was there a group of girls and their gear was just arriving, indicating there was about to be some women’s hockey going on.

But I didn’t hang around to watch. And although it would have been good to watch I am glad I didn’t, because not more than five minutes later I met a person with whom I think I am going to become friends. I was blocking her way while taking some other pictures, causing her to stop and chat. We seemed to have a lot to talk about, and have already been in touch via e-mail. Working from a home office as I do, it is hard to make new friends (except you sweet on-line lovelies, of course) so I am happy about that.

On with the ice photos … I stumbled upon this ice machine grave-yard the other day. I wasn’t sure if I was trespassing going in their yard, so I didn’t stay long. I would have liked to get more shots of the neat old graphics. Looking at the pictures I see that one of the machines further down the line had the motto “Our ice has no taste” on it, which I think is pretty good.




So Take Tuesday is wrapping up next week with the prompt of Yellow. I have found taking pictures to a prompt provided by someone else to be a lot of fun. It got me out of my comfort zone, which is always good. For that I thank Shakti :)

Thank you for dropping on by. It was very n(ice) of you.
xo loulou