Looking at Things From a Different Angle

A week ago Thursday it had rained on and off all day so when it let up in the late afternoon, I went out to do some errands. On my way home, walking westward, the sky looked pretty neat, with these strange linear cloud formations. It was interesting enough that I took out my camera for a shot.

Then I turned around and gasped. This is what the sky looked like behind me!

As I was taking these pictures, a guy walked by and smiled at me, as if to say “Awe, look at that girl taking random pictures of the sky. How cute.” He too was walking westward, so his back was to this spectacle of a sky. So I pointed to get him to turn around to look. And so it was that I found myself standing in the street gazing at the sky in awe with a complete stranger.

Here is the picture I took first, from the wrong direction …

And some shots I took earlier in the day …

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xo loulou