Picture an Hour!

Here is the first “Picture an Hour” post I’ve ever done, with photos taken this past Tuesday. This seems to be a regular type of post many bloggers do, so I thought I’d give it a try!

Here it goes …

Around 8am : Coffee! Cappuccino in my big cup, prepared by Nick <3

9am : Working on my blog post for the day, about the Portuguese parade we had run into on Saturday morning.

10am : Cheerios!

11am : Getting Dad’s Father’s Day card into the mail.

12pm : Watering the herbs.

1pm: Lunch. Vegetarian Chili with Basmati rice

2pm : Out For Groceries. We finally have a grocery store within easy walking distance! Before we would shop in several different places, but now we can do one-stop shopping. Though we still regularly go to all the old shops we used to frequent, but the grocery store is handy to have for sure. It is a bit expensive so we ‘shop the sales’ and today that resulted in a nice cucumber and some Roma tomatoes for our dinner.

3pm : In a shop called Shanti Baba where we were picking up a couple of tickets for an upcoming cabaret show we’re going to for a friend’s birthday party.

4pm : Making Coco Tropical drinks for Friday’s Food blog post. Yes, this means we had a little afternoon cocktail hour!

5pm : Gathering lettuce leaves to have with dinner.

6pm : And dinner was Greek Salad made by Nick. I took some extra photos of this to insert into my previously posted recipe for this salad, because the old pictures were lousy.

7pm : Sudoku time!

8pm : Out on my evening walk.

Thanks for checking out my “Picture an Hour” post. It was fun to do. I loved the extra challenge of having to remember to take a somewhat interesting picture every hour.

And because today is usually “Caturday” around these parts, here are a couple of snaps of Eddie I got in there too! (Thanks to my mom for the comfy slippers!)

xo loulou