Red Winged Blackbird in the City

I am quite thrilled to have this special guest modelling for today’s post! He is a Red Winged Blackbird and I know he is a he because the female of the species is a plain nondescript brown.

It is relatively rare to see one in the city, especially lingering around long enough to be photographed as this one was. Up here in Canada these birds are migratory so they fly south to warmer climates for the winter. This guy would have been born somewhere north of the city (possibly as far north as Alaska) and I met him as he stopped for a bite to eat on his way south.

This chance encounter was as much a treat for me as the seeds were for him!

As for the quality of the pictures, a better scenario would have been for a lighter coloured background, so that he would have stood out more, but I’ll take what I got as this was no time to get picky. I particularly like the rainbow sun flare I that naturally occurred in the second to last shot.

Thank you kindly for sharing this sighting with me.
xo loulou