Sunrise in the City : Take Tuesday Photography Series

The Take Tuesday Photography Series theme for this week was : Sunrise. I am so glad that Shakti (link removed because she no longer blogs) gave us the list of prompts well in advance because I was able to take these shots on the only sunrise I have seen in almost 2 years.

(It happens so rarely that I remember the exact occasions upon which I have witnessed the sun coming up in the past several years. It was always when leaving very early to go on the annual out-of-town work meeting for my last job. I resigned from it because the work was no longer stimulating to me, however I must say that I miss those annual retreats. One time we even all went to New York City! It was fantastic. And of course, I also very much miss the excellent people I worked with at that job too.)

Anyway, knowing that I would ‘need’ some pictures of a sunrise, I took these ones when I was out last month for the all-night art show called Nuit Blanche. But truthfully, photography-series or not, there is no doubt that I would have taken these shots anyway because the colour of sky at the moment of sun-up was the most dramatic shade of blue, and the clouds that morning caused a marbled effect that was spectacular.

Because you can’t actually see the horizon while in the city, there is no big ball of glowing light, gradually showing itself. Rather, you get a gradual lightening of the sky from the east. This deep royal blue effect lasted no more than 15 minutes, giving way to a grey misty light, such as that seen in this final shot I got of the art-show, at 7am, as the whole thing was wrapping up.

Revisiting my photographs from the whole Nuit Blanche 2012 experience really made me appreciate it all over again. I wish it happened more often than only once a year, but I will take what I can get. Not only did I see interesting works of art that night, but the event allowed me the ability to walk around downtown in the middle of the night, and while I am never afraid in my city, I would not take the risk of ever being out on the streets alone, on just any night.

Thank you for visiting. Wishing you a good Tuesday.