Insects up for Inspection

Ok, I’m not sure at all what was up with the insects in our deck area today. I shot all these pictures within 10 minutes of each other, when I noticed a proliferation of winged creatures just sitting on my plants. Now, Nick had turned the compost in the bin earlier that day and maybe they were attracted to the smell (which is undetectable by human noses, btw). But if it were that wouldn’t they have been swarming around the bin rather than sunning themselves on the leaves? Maybe it was the particular phase of the moon combined with the level of humidity in the air? Or the …the …well, I don’t know what it was, but it was a true buggy phenomenon, for sure!

This last one was taken earlier in the summer and not during this described insect visiting hour, however I thought it was worth putting in here!

Birds do it. Bees do it.
Even educated fleas do it

[Cole Porter, Let’s Do It]

Apologies to any insectophobes out there!