What Was Up in the Garden : March and April

First off in regards to gardening, I should say that the part I like the most about it is taking photographs of what grows!  After my initial first few years of enchantment of having my first garden, I am not such an active gardener these days. This year have decided to just let whatever comes up, come up.  I will try to let nature take its course and hopefully do all the watering for me. I have planted, coddled and lost many plants in past and have decided to give up on the things that just don’t enjoy being in my maple tree dominated yard.

My plan for the blog is to show you the flowers that blossom, in the order that they come up, summarized in one entry at the end of each month.

So here is what came up during the month of April.  First though I will show you the single tiny blossom, a white crocus, that peeked a friendly head up during March.  The day after the photograph was taken it was covered under 4 inches of snow, so it was a very brief show.


And here is what came up throughout the month of April!


Purple Crocus

Forsythia Bush

Grape Hyacinth

Wild flower

Daffodil (the only one that bloomed!)

First tulips