Our Anniversary Dinner : La Palette on Queen Street West

La palette restaurant toronto

Nick and I celebrated our 17th anniversary on the weekend!

We met on a blind date one year, almost to the day, before we got married. This was before internet dating and before digital photography, so we had to describe what we looked like and what we’d be wearing in order to recognize one another when we met at Future Bakery that sunny Sunday afternoon, November 20th, 1998. Unbeknownst to us, our lives were about to change forever.

At the time, he shared a house with a bunch of people, about 5 minutes from where we live now in the Queen Street West neighbourhood, and I lived alone in the upstairs apartment of a house on Concord Avenue, near Bloor and Ossington.

A couple of weeks after we met we went to his company Christmas party together, which was held in one of the event rooms at The Rogers Centre Hotel, which was called “The Dome” back then. It was a dress up affaire so I wore my one little-black-dress and had my hair styled at a salon, into a very pretty up-do. (This was at Angel Hair Salon which is still there. I’m reminded of that early date every time I pass it, which is relatively often because it’s on the way to the thrift store I go to.)

The party was lovely and as fun as a corporate gathering can be. After dinner and dancing we slipped away to go to a loft party that I’d been invited to over at College and Bathurst. While there a piece of wood hit me on the bridge of the nose, in a freak accident when one of the hosts was trying to fix the big sliding door to their bathroom. It was one of those barn-door things on rollers, and he was standing up on a chair attempting to jam the wood in there, in such a way that would make the rollers work. I happened to turn the corner just as the wood slipped out of his hands, hitting me in the face. I fell to the floor, where Nick found me after being called from the other room. It was pretty dramatic and I ended up with a couple of hospital visits, a broken nose and six weeks of very black eyes. But in the end, I came out of it fine, albeit with a small scar and a great fear of flying wood.

So, I spent our first couple of months together looking pretty bad, but feeling terrific emotionally because I was in the midst of falling in love with the man that would be the one I’d be having celebratory dinners with 18 years into the future.

We went to the French restaurant, La Palette, on Queen Street West near Portland. We decided on it after finding it near the top of the list when googling Best Romantic Restaurants in Toronto. In addition to their very high rating on Yelp, there was the added benefit that it was close enough to walk to on that balmy Sunday evening, made special by the bright light cast by the super-moon overhead.

The place is great. We really had a wonderful time, with delicious food and wine, and warm friendly service.






When they heard it was our anniversary they treated us to a lovely glass of champagne.





↑ Fromage Fondant – Breaded fried fried triple cream camembert, concord, green and champagne grapes. ↑


↑ Les Huitres – Half-dozen fresh oysters on the half shell with accompaniments. ↑


↑ Poulet – Pan roasted chicken breast suprême, fried thigh, rapini, corn. ↑



↑ Steak/Frites – AAAA Canadian prime striploin (Alberta), smoked tomato butter, demi-glace, Yukon gold frites. ↑


↑ Tarte au Citron – Classic zesty lemon tart. ↑


↑ Chocolate Crême Brulée with Pistachios. ↑









It was a good thing we had a walk to get home because we were pretty full upon departure.

We bumped into our friend Robin on the way but forgot to ask him to take a picture of the two of us together. Oh well, we’ll get another chance for an anniversary picture next year!

It really was a nice time, one that we will always remember with happiness.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great weekend.
xo loulou