Sushi for Me and Julie Bee at To-Ne


I’ve been talking about wanting to try out new restaurants lately but there are times when the-tried-and-the-true is all that will do.

When we were planning our get together, my longtime friend Julie B. and I tried to pick a different spot to have a sushi dinner recently. We wanted a place that was easy to get to for both of us and we did have several options to choose from, but online reviews kept warning about poor service here and/or bad or overpriced food there. Well, that is all except for To-Ne Sushi at 414 Queen Street West, which gets consistently good reviews.

So yes, this is the same place the two of us went for our sushi-fix last time we went out (here). We decided not to mess with a good thing and ended up going there again. And it was excellent this time too. The food was so beautifully presented and very tasty. Plus how can we resist a little bouquet of fresh flowers that decorates every plate?


This lady is a gem. Conversations with her are always interesting and filled with her thoughtful wisdom.







So I apologize if these pictures look like ones you’ve seen before, but as was said, sometimes the-tried-and-the-true must win out!