The Rex for Veggie-Burgers Extraordinaire

I had been craving a veggie-burger for a couple of weeks so on Friday we went to a place that we think serves the best, called The Rex.

Being a casual tavern that specializes in live jazz and blues music, this spot is not fancy by any means. We first ended up going there for lunch by chance some years ago, after being out at a meeting in the area and wanting to grab something quick before heading home. I was a bit reluctant, having only ever been inside once before, for a late-night concert with some friends. Nowadays there is no smoking allowed in any bars or restaurants in Toronto, but my memory of The Rex was of a crowded, smokey and very masculine place.

So when Nick suggested it for food I really wasn’t sure, but agreed to give it a try. Turns out it was great that we ventured off our usual path, because now it has become a favourite spot to go to satisfy a burger craving. Whenever we go for this treat, we try to aim for when it’s not too busy, for a late lunch/early dinner (linner?) and since it’s a good walk away we get some exercise getting to and from, so don’t feel badly having fries and a beer!

Not being big meat eaters, neither of us has had a real hamburger for ages, and that first time we went we had to ask the waiter to confirm that what we were eating was in fact not meat. We seriously thought they had mixed up our order in the kitchen! The extra-special appeal of the meal for me is that it is served with a little pot of home-made hummus on the side. I can’t tell you about anything else on their menu though, as we’ve never even looked at it since that first try. We always know what we’re going to have before we get there!

It was absolutely broiling outside which is why we are glowing in these pictures!

How about you … Do you have a place you go to where you always order the same thing every time?

Thanks for dropping by,
xo loulou

The Rex is located at 194 Queen Street West, just west of University Avenue, in Toronto.