Red Things Around Town

It is Canada’s 145th Birthday today so I have taken some pictures of red things.

I’m glad to see that flag shirt is still for sale and not actually being worn by anyone! lol

This makes it a three day week-end with Monday being an extra day off, so we’re only halfway through the good times! So far we’ve taken a nice walk along Queen Street West, on our way to having a delicious early dinner on Friday. Then yesterday we walked over to Kensington Market. We usually avoid the market on Saturdays because it is unbearably crowded, however being a holiday week-end we thought it would be ok because many people are out of town. And we were right … we got to enjoy all the sights and colours the area had to offer, while still being able to buy our fruits and vegetables!

This afternoon I’m going to head over to a nearby park to see if there’s anything going on. Even if there isn’t, it will still be a nice walk because it’s a beautiful spot.

I hope you’re having an excellent Sunday!
xo loulou