My Partents’ Dog Kiki


I am just back from a week visiting my parents, who live up north. Any visit with them involves time spent with my second most favourite animal in the world, Kiki.



↑ That tail was sure wagging! ↑

She is a Deer Chihuahua, named so because of the shape of her head and ears, which resemble those of deer. Kiki is actually a perfect specimen of this kind of Chihuahua because she is a former breeder. In her younger years she spent all of her time having puppies that were sold. From what we understand, she got too old for this purpose and was put out. Luckily for her and for us, she was rescued and ultimately placed in a very loving home.

I tried to get some pictures of her showing us some of her tricks, which were done with great enthusiasm when offered a small piece of carrot.

There was a lot of tail chasing and hopping around going on, which just came out looking like a blur, but I did manage to sort of get one trick, a shot of the little paw raised in the ‘shake-a-paw’ move …






Thanks for checking out my shots of this good dog.
xo loulou