I Don’t Even Know Her Name but I Love Her Just the Same

For my ‘Saturday is Caturday’ post this week I have a guest cat to show you. She lives down the street and I see her often and we always have a nice visit, complete with her walking along with me for a bit. I know she recognizes me as her friend too because if I’ve missed her on my way by but she sees me, she will come running over to say hello, mewing her tiny little mew.

I don’t know who her people are in the slightest or even exactly which house she lives in, which leads me to think about a sight I once saw through my window. There was a gentleman walking down the street who stopped and bent down at the foot of our driveway. He extended his hand and rubbed the pad of his thumb against his first two finger tips, in the ‘here- kitty-kitty’ move. Then our Eddie ran into view, going directly to the man and allowing himself to be petted. Knowing Eddie as I do, I’m pretty certain he felt he knew this person, though I had never seen him before. I think it’s cute that he has his own group of human friends!

Do you have any cat friends? I’d love to hear about them.
Happy day to you, and thanks for visiting!
xo loulou